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Disputes have a tendency to crop up when you least need them (if there’s ever a good time) and can easily feel like the last straw to break the camel’s back. You need your focus on growing your business and rising to the next opportunity, not on preventing a drama turning into a crisis.

Hand over the headache to experienced professionals to sort things out.


InHouse Legals can expertly manage any dispute, limit damage to your finances and reputation and recover your losses. Not only that but we’ll make sure that any weak points in your legal armoury are dealt with and that your documentation protects you from future disputes.

Rather than formally engaging the services of an old fashioned, bureaucratic law firm, you can gain all the support you need by using us when you need us, or even putting one of our solicitors into your business from as little as half a day a month – it certainly beats the feel and cost of instructing a solicitor in the traditional way.

We were founded by a commercial litigator who has seen it all go wrong in every way possible.

That’s why we know how to look after you and avoid costly disputes.

Don’t let it drag, call us today and find out where you stand.


Prevention is so much easier and cheaper than cure. Take InHouse Legals Business Healthcheck and in 15 minutes or less you will have a checklist of any loopholes that could land you in a needless legal mess.

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