15 Minutes.

That's all it takes to release you from HR Admin.

When you think about your organisation is your view clouded by the fog of paperwork that's needed to keep things running? Does it seem as if the harder you try to take things up a level - let alone find time for yourself - the more you get bogged down in dull, time-consuming form filling and regulatory compliance? The InHouse Legals HR team can give you your time back. Just think what  you could do!

Less cost, more time, more expertise.
And no lock-in.

If you are ready to look seriously at your HR management at any level and want to find out how you can focus on growing your business instead of just keeping it afloat then book a free 15 minute consultation with Seb Mattern - that's all it takes to get an understanding of how you can get all your HR jobs and issues done and dusted by qualified professionals for as little as £300 a month. No lock in clauses, as much or as little as you need for as long as you need it and for far less than conventional HR Consultancies & legal firms

For maximum time-saving, let us know in the space provided what you want to talk about and we'll call you prepared to answer your questions then and there.

Our handy online telephone consultation booking form syncs directly with InHouse Legals office diary. Choose your time and date and within minutes your confirmation will be winging its way to your inbox so it's quick and easy to add your appointment to your own diary.

Not only that, we'll remind you by email as the time approaches.

We look forward to meeting you soon.