In House Solicitor

Ever wished your business had a legal department, but thought you couldn’t budget for it?

We have a simple solution that will give you the added kudos and convenience of your own in-house lawyer at a snip of the cost of full time recruitment and shaving thousands off using a traditional law firm. This can be arranged on a one-off, ad-hoc or regular basis.

The benefits include:
  • an immediately accessible solicitor who will talk to you in plain English, not legal jargon
  • immediate savings on time and costs because you don’t need to instruct an outside law firm
  • no additional insurance costs (e.g. professional indemnity)
  • choose the hours you need, to fit your budget
  • expert procurement of legal services
  • your own lawyer looking after your business – from the inside.

Our flexible InHouse Solicitor Solution can be tailored to your exact needs, Call us today to arrange an exploratory consultation to find out how this budget-conscious service can save you money and provide you with top level legal protection and expertise.

A solicitor signing off on your own letterhead has a way of discouraging disputes early on – why not have your own in-house watchdog ready to head off trouble and facilitate your key contracts and transactions?


The InHouse Legals Business Healthcheck is designed to provide business owners who know that taking their legal security seriously is not just good practice but vital to the healthy growth of their enterprise.

Our easy-to-use questionnaire provides a fast and efficient way to review all your key legal foundations and emerge with a To Do list that you can swiftly take action on.

InHouse Legals Business Healthcheck

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