A Stitch in Time

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A stitch in time

Finding out what you don’t know won’t hurt you and might just save the day.

Being an expert in your field doesn’t mean you are an expert in all areas of running the business.

The throwaway remark, in quotes above, from a client really hit home for me: “you don’t know what you don’t know”. It’s so simple and so fundamental to how we run our businesses and communicate with each other, including how we market to each other. The remark was made after my client had spent a few moments taking our online legal healthcheck which runs through basic business structures, trading, employment matters and so on and it provides a nice, clear little report highlighting areas the business owner should probably look at.

Being an expert in your field doesn’t mean you are an expert in all areas of running the business.

I realised I’d fallen into the trap of thinking that what I knew was common knowledge, that I’d thought that people, deep down, knew what bits of paper they should have in place but chose not to because of budget or time constraints. This comment made me realise that is just not the case because, unless business owners have proactive/friendly/commercial professional advisers, they may just not know how to shore up and protect their businesses.

You are running a business so be empowered !

I am very much for business people empowering themselves and… knowing what you don’t know is the first step. I’d love people to use our online healthcheck to do just that, and then whether you use us to plug the gaps or not, at least you’ll have a clear idea of any risks. The next step for us is to make sure you know what we know, so I am equally passionate about business people not being held hostage by legalities but using the framework to streamline and protect business operations. After all, we’re in business to build value so why not protect it.

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