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Lots of firms offer free consultations. With InHouse Legals, you can start the conversation with a ready-made personal analysis of matters that you have questions about or need to attend to. You can be sure you will get maximum value from the time you spend on this conversation.

We have devised our Legal Healthcheck to provide you  with questions that are relevant to the exact rights, privileges and obligations for different business structures under UK law.

At the end of the interactive questionnaire you will have a To Do list that makes it easy to examine and action any legal vulnerabilities in your business.

Please note:
InHouse Legals take your privacy and confidentiality very seriously.
If you share your information with us we will never disclose anything you tell us beyond our business without explicit permission from you.

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InHouse Legals Business Healthcheck

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Of course, if you have any questions about the healthcheck or would just like to cut to the chase and get some really first class advice and expert guidance straight away you can contact us anytime and we’ll be right on the case.